Tai Chi

Using your mind and body connection, tai chi practice creates internal strength through gentle relaxing movements. You will increase balance, strengthen bones and improve flexibility and coordination. Tai chi is a lifelong exercise with many positive benefits for participants living with or without arthritis. The form is easy to learn and suitable for all ages. Wear loose fitting clothing and flat comfortable shoes.

Cindy Bergstrom

I became a Tai Chi for Arthritis instructor in the spring of 2010. Since 1994, I’ve studied many types of Tai Chi (TC). The first Tai Chi class I took was very difficult, and I realized it would take some time to truly learn. As I continued my journey taking classes, I became friends with so many wonderful people who shared the same interest. Each class I took helped me go deeper in understanding, but never would I believe I’d be an instructor. It is a wonderful journey.

I was convinced by a friend to join the YMCA because it was starting a Tai Chi class. When I started taking this class, I knew it would be a good class to teach. It was easier to learn, and because I had been diagnosed with arthritis, it was a greater mission.

As I teach, I’m delighted to see that each class session brings more people, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with so many students. It is even better when I see friends return from a previous session and see them become more focused, balanced and relaxed in their healing journey.

As a teacher I am constantly learning new ways to help students understand the internal healing components that, at first, are not so obvious. Beginners work on getting the moves in sequence and slowing down, which teaches mind/body connection. With more practice, student focus becomes more relaxed, andthe depth of practice grows. I see the healing energy (Chi) begin to flow within each student. With my advanced groups, we share our energy together, cultivating energy with mind, body and spirit. This is an amazing experience.

I am honored to work at Orono Community Education, YMCA and Plymouth Park & Recreation.

I am grateful for Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi programs and his worldwide commitment to train professional teachers. I renew my Tai Chi for Arthritis teaching certification every two years at Normandale Community College. I am also a member of the Tai Chi for Health Community organization.

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  Cindy Bergstrom

Orono High School : Activities Center Room 30
Wednesdays, Apr 24 - May 29
10:00 - 11:00 AM


Min Age   16 yr.

Price: $ 56 00

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