A Mannerly Manners® Escapade™

This class is beyond “Please” and “Thank You!” Sign up to learn a skill-set that will influence your life more than anything else will. Mannerly Manners® teaches you to polish social skills with fun interactive activities. We will help you navigate life by teaching communication skills, table manners, how to take a phone message, write an impressive thank you note and more. Discussion format and fun role-play help you understand how to use manners to your advantage. Parents are invited to participate at no additional cost.

Mannerly Manners®

A company that teaches basic social etiquette based on a foundation of Compassion, Love, and Kindness for oneself and others. www.mannerlymanners.com

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  Mannerly Manners®

Orono Middle School : Room 126
Mon Jun 17 - Thu Jun 20
1:00 - 4:00 PM


Grades   1st - 5th

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