Summer Chess with Igor

Students will expand their knowledge of chess and develop their understanding of strategy through a variety of dynamic lessons. Included are: pins; forks; fried liver attack; queen sacrifices; basics of positional play; opening, middle and end game strategies; in-class tournament and more. We will also have time to get our pulse pounding with outdoor time.

Youth Enrichment League - League Youth Enrichment

Youth Enrichment League was co-founded by Chet and Lisa Gunhus to bring the highest quality enrichment programs and the most dynamic instructors to school campuses. We believe that students have certain gifts they are given and that enrichment may serve as a channel for students to nurture those gifts.

We bring with us over a two decades of combined experience teaching enrichment in both public and private schools throughout the Twin Cities and Los Angeles Metro areas.

At Youth Enrichment League, we believe that successful enrichment is accomplished through a combination of unique programming and compelling instructors. We take care to bring passionate, responsible and kid-friendly instructors to each school campus we work with. Youth Enrichment League conducts all necessary background checks on instructors prior to their employment.

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  Youth Enrichment League - League Youth Enrichment

Orono Middle School : Room 118
Mon Jul 15 - Thu Jul 18
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Grades   K - 5th

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