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  • Growing Up Digital - Speaker Event

    You are the first generation of parents to be challenged with raising children in a digital and screen-consumed age and this digital lifestyle is not going anywhere. How do we ensure that non-digital relationships are always more important? The average 8 to 18-year-old spends 53 hours a week on screens! That is more than a full-time job and probably more time than they spend sleeping. The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) encourages parents to help their children develop healthy media use habits early on. We don’t yet understand the full neurological impact of screens on our little learners but we do know young, developing brains are overstimulated by noise and light. We also know that whatever the brain does a lot of, it gets good at, and kids learn best with minds on, hands on and feelings on.We will spend time discussing the latest research, building positive habits, balancing coping skills, creating tech-free zones and times, the 3 C’s (content, context and the child), screen impact on executive functioning skills, choosing apps, and how to avoid using technology to calm kids down. The focus will be on the core ingredients for healthy development in the digital age: relationships and modeling, play and practice, and boundaries and routine. As parents, we must be emotionally available, set clear limits and guidance, ensure our kids get adequate sleep and exercise and model good screen habits.