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A variety of classes including photography, retirement planning, virtual road trips and more!

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  • Canine Health & Wellness

    Having a dog is different than it used to be. This course is ideal for those who are new to dog ownership or just want to learn the most current methods to promote longer life, better health, and more enrichment for their dog. Attendees will learn how to cope with the “puppy blues,” whether pet insurance is worth it, understand how to choose a dog food and we will discuss fitness and enrichment ideas that go beyond the walk around the neighborhood.
  • Cat Care Tips to Get the Most Out of Those "9 Lives"

    Cats don’t ask for much, but there is so much potential to add years and enrichment to their lives. This seminar offers scientifically proven methods to maintain health and longevity for your feline friend. Attendees will learn about some of the out-of-the ordinary ways you can bond with your kitty, like outdoor leash walking. Other topics will include a discussion of healthy feeding, plant safety and the truth about essential oils.