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  • Acupuncture & Cupping 101

    You’ve been hearing a lot about acupuncture and cupping in the news lately, but you likely have many questions about it. Acupuncture involves the utilization of tiny needles, which can be incredibly effective in providing relief to a whole host of issues. Acupuncture is also a big part of traditional Chinese medicine. Most people know very little about this scientifically-proven ancient medical practice that dates back 5,000 years! That’s why we’re diving into acupuncture, what it is, what it’s used for and what are the many different ways it can help you. There will be demos of acupuncture and cupping. You will also learn easy-to-use acupressure points for self-healing at home.
  • CPR, First Aid & AED

    Learn how to recognize and respond to first aid, cardiac and breathing emergencies through hands-on training. You’ll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to give immediate care to an injured or ill person and decide whether advanced medical care is needed. Red Cross certification will be offered. Participants must be able to demonstrate skills competently and pass a written evaluation in order to be certified. Please let the instructor know if any special accommodations are required for the written exam. One-night class option available for participants needing only CPR or only First Aid. Red Cross certification is valid for two years.CPR: November 7First Aid: November 14
  • Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR)

    Learn the three steps anyone can take to help prevent suicide. Just like CPR, QPR is an emergency response to someone in crisis and can save lives. QPR is the most widely taught gatekeeper training program in the United States, and more than one million adults have been trained in classroom settings in 48 states. This class is for community members over the age of 16 who want to learn best practices in suicide prevention.
  • Subtle Aromatherapy: The "Magic" of Essential Oils

    Essential oils have become a staple for natural health and healing. In this workshop, you will discover a new use for essential oils on a subtle and energetic level. Learn about the human energy system and how essential oils can be used to balance, clear, energize and open it. Discover the top 10 essential oils for use in subtle aromatherapy. Learn strategies to incorporate your essential oil collection on an energetic level.