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  • Day Camp at Skyrock

    Spend your day off from school on the farm at Skyrock! Learn all about horses, how to groom and care for a horse and common horse vocabulary. Enjoy a ride on a pony too! Then we’ll take a guided nature hike of the entire farm, weather permitting. There will also be time to hang out in the clubhouse, play games, make new friends and much more. Join us for a day of adventure on the farm! Bring a bag lunch, water and a nut-free snack.
  • Grandmasters of Chess

    Learn different chess concepts and be coached to implement those concepts into chess games. We will practice positions set by the coach to improve your understanding of the concept. Students are given chess puzzles (constructed by WIM Serafima Sokolovskaya) and work with guidance to solve them. Each class ends with students playing 20-30 minutes of chess. Coaches often feature in-class tournaments during the session. Class includes a ChessKid.com membership (a $49 value), prizes and puzzle sheets.
  • I AM CONFIDENT Mini Retreat

    TEACHES GIRLS SELF-PROTECTION. Daily messages of “You aren’t smart/popular/attractive/athletic enough,” leave many girls believing they truly aren’t enough. When we believe we are unworthy, there isn’t a defense system that will protect us. The I AM Initiative teaches the basics of self-protection while also guiding girls to self-esteem, self-responsibility and self-care. We tackle bullying,drugs, trusting your intuition and the power of believing in yourself through movement and interactive exercises. Dress in active wear. Our desire is for young women to embrace their lives as worthy endeavors, their personal safety as the highest priority, and know they make a noteworthy difference in the world. The I AM Initiative retreat has three foundational principles: THINK FEEL ACT. GIRLS LEARN THE POWER OF KNOWING WHO THEY ARE. THINK: I AM STRONG What you think is what you are. The first rule of I AM is: F.L.Y. (FIRST LOVE YOURSELF) GIRLS LEARN THE POWER OF TRUSTING THEMSELVES. FEEL: I AM CONFIDENT In uncomfortable scenarios you will trust your gut and follow the second rule of I AM: FACE YOUR FEARS, RUN AWAY FROM DANGER GIRLS LEARN THE POWER OF USING THEIR TALENTS TO HELP SERVE THE WORLD. ACT: I AM POWERFUL What you do is intricately connected to what you think and how you feel. The third rule of I AM is: BE POSITIVE CHANGE.